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Know How Microdiscectomy Helps In Relieving Pain

Know How Microdiscectomy Helps In Relieving Pain


25 Jun 2018

Microdiscectomy is an excellent substitute for invasive surgeries of the spine with longer healing time and painful rehabilitation. It has very quickly replaced open back surgeries. In Delhi, there are many renowned specialists acknowledged for their expertise in spinal cord injury treatment and most of their patients have received huge relief from pain after this surgery. These patients now happily endorse the spine treatment received from the spine specialists in Delhi.

What is Microdiscectomy?

It is an excellent minimally invasive surgery performed in cases of herniation of vertebral discs. Here decompression of the spinal nerve column is achieved by removing fragments of the herniated disc.

The common indications for this surgery include – Sciatica and Disc Herniation. According to a study, 95% of the cases of sciatica pain due to herniation of disc get treated through microdiscectomy. The surgery is usually performed in cases where non-surgical management has failed to provide relief to the patient. Herniation leads to transmission of pain signals that are caused by impingement of hernia onto the nerve.

An insight of the Microdiscectomy surgery

The procedure for a microdiscectomy is rather simple and you can go home after 24 hours of the surgery. But you require 2 weeks rest and need to stay away from any exertion of the back area. The procedure of the surgery is explained as follows:

  • After administration of general anaesthesia, a 1-inch incision is made over the affected area.
  • After this, a light microscope is placed into the area to visualize the extent of the lesion.
  • This is followed by removal of the bone fragment covering the nerve root.
  • After this, a sharp instrument is used for excising the herniated tissue that decompresses the nerve to provide relief.
  • This is followed by suturing to pack the incision.
  • You can go home the next morning after observation.
  • You are then given instructions by your physiotherapist for the future healing process where you are asked to refrain from bending, twisting, and exerting your back too much and you will also be suggested some exercises that help with core strengthening.

Risks involved in the surgery

The associated risks of microdiscectomy are usually less likely to occur as it is otherwise a very safe procedure but in rare cases the following may occur:

  • Dural tears leading to leakage of cerebrospinal fluid.
  • Nerve Damage.
  • Recurrence.
  • Bowel or Bladder Incontinence.
  • Infection.
  • Haemorrhage.

Benefits of Microdiscectomy surgery for Relief from Pain

The traditional method of surgery involves making large cuts which increase the chances of tearing the muscles surrounding the spine and thus leads to delay in recovery besides being painful and risk-prone for complications. However, Microdiscectomy is free from these issues and is much safer and more effective alternative to open back surgeries.

Since, the spine is approached through a small incision rather than a large cut, the surrounding muscles and tissues do not get harmed and remain safe from any kind of injury. You will recover much faster and get back to normal life. For the initial few weeks, you may be asked to avoid strenuous activities or sitting for prolonged period of time. After that you will be back to your happy and healthy lifestyle as microdiscectomy has an excellent track record of relieving pain.

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