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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Is Offered By The Experts Of Spine Treatment In Delhi

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Is Offered By The Experts Of Spine Treatment In Delhi


26 Jul 2018

Experiencing agonising painful symptoms of spine related problems is one of the worst situations in life as it hampers your daily life activities. Problems like spinal stenosis or herniated can adversely affect you walking ability and also create difficulty in standing and sitting, particularly for longer durations. Here comes the role of seeking medical advice from the specialists of spine treatment in Delhi , who will guide you of ways to get relief from the pain and find a long tern solution to this problem.So, don’t let your pain keep you away from being able to perform your daily life activities or enjoy your favourite recreational activities.

Your treatment may initially include conservative treatment modalities like physical therapy or exercises or medicines. But it may be possible that despite trying all the conservative methods of treatment, you do not get relief from your degenerative spine symptoms.

In such a scenario, your spine surgeon may advice you to undergominimally invasive spine surgery. It is a less-invasive technique of spine surgery that will offer you numerous advantages including shorter hospital stay, lesser pain and faster recovery. It has been observed that in some cases, patients are able to return home on the same day itself or the day after.

Spine surgeries performed through Minimally Invasive Technique

Following is the list of various types of spine surgeries done through this technique and offered by healthcare facilities specialised in spine treatment in Delhi:

Microdiscectomy and Discectomy

The diseased disc (ruptured or herniated) is removed with help of microscopic magnification. This minimally invasive procedure helps in relieving pressure on the spinal nerve, which is the main cause of pain.

Spinal Fusion

During this procedure, your surgeon will fuse the vertebrae (small bones) of your spine and let the new single, stronger and stable bone heal and give you relief from pain.


Lamina is a thin bony layer that covers your spinal canal. So, if you have a herniated intervertebral disc, the diseased portion of the disc can be removed only after the lamina has been removed, as it will give your surgeon a better access to the disc.

Decompression surgery

A portion of the herniated disc or bone is removed in order to release spinal nerve pressure and pinching on it, thus decompressing the nerve root. Foraminotomy, Laminotomy, Laminaplasty and Laminectomy are the various types of spinal decompression surgery.

Interbody Fusion

During this procedure, bone graft in filled in the empty space created during discectomy. This graft later grows and creates a stable structure to provide support to the spine and relieve pain.

The blend of the best spine surgeons in Indiaand advanced medical technology has made spine surgery highly effective and less invasive, thus proving to be highly beneficial to patients with complaint of back and neck pain. So, if your surgeon is recommending minimally invasive spine surgery, we suggest you to go ahead with it as you will recover faster, have shorter hospital stay, will have lesser risk of infection, and also suffer lesser pain.

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