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Read about treatment options for Sciatica leg pain treatment in Delhi

Read about treatment options for Sciatica leg pain treatment in Delhi


09 Aug 2018

Sciatica Pain is associated with the irritation of the Sciatic nerve. The nerve originates from the lower spine, travels through the pelvis and goes to the feet. Anything that applies pressure to the nerve causes pain in the lower leg. The pain is often accompanied with a feeling of numbness, weakness and tingling sensation.

In case you are having this kind of pain, then you are suggested to consult a specialist of sciatica leg pain treatment in Delhi as they are quite famous because of their rich experience and global exposure which helps them in offering world-class medical treatment.

Treatment Options Used for Treating Sciatica Leg Pain

Medications for Sciatica Pain: OTC medicines and pain killers are helpful in reducing the mild pain associated with Sciatica. The popular pain relievers include acetaminophen, aspirin or NSAIDs like Ketoprofen, naproxen, etc.

Other medications include muscle relaxants to ease muscle spasm, antidepressants and prescription-based pain killers for chronic and severe back pain.

In case the pain is caused due to a ruptured bone or herniated disc, an epidural steroid injection is given at the site which helps to reduce the pressure at the site. In contrast to the oral medications, an injection goes straightaway into the painful area around the sciatic nerve and addresses the issue of inflammation that may have been causing pain.

Physical therapy for Sciatica: Physiotherapy and exercise also help in providing relief from the agonising pain. The exercise and the physiotherapy should be done in consultation with a doctor, as the condition can get worse if not done properly.

In case the pain aggravates or the problem gets worsened, one should immediately consult an expert of sciatica leg pain treatment in Delhi.

Alternative Techniques:There are certain alternative therapies that are available for providing relief from pain. These therapies are:

  • Biofeedback –  This process is based on the continuous monitoring of the body stats which includes heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. By knowing these, a person can make a conscious effort to control these stats, thus helping to work on the related issues.
  • Acupuncture –  This is a technique which helps to remove any blockages or it helps to stimulate the central nervous system. The process includes the use of needles and requires the support of an expert for effective results.
  • Massage Therapy -  Some forms of massage therapy have also proved to be beneficial for back pain, along withother benefits like muscle relaxation, increased blood circulation, and also release of endorphins that are considered to be the body’s natural pain relievers.

Surgery: If the pain persists for more than 6 weeks in spite of using the above treatment options, then you should consult an expert. In cases, where herniated disc or a ruptured bone is putting pressure, in such cases a surgery can help to remove the blockage hence providing relief from the pain.

These days minimal invasive techniques are available that help to perform the surgery with minimal incisions and a faster recovery. These are less pain painful and scarring too is insignificant.

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