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Spinal Cord Injury treatment offered in Delhi is at par with the best in the world

Spinal Cord Injury treatment offered in Delhi is at par with the best in the world


06 Aug 2018

A spinal cord is a series of nerves that regulate various functions in the body. Spinal Cord Injury is one of the most serious injury and can impact the normal daily activities. It is very difficult to restore the damage once done to the spinal cord. There are very good and reliable spinal cord injury treatment options availablein Delhi.

There are various emergency steps required to minimize the damage done to the spinal cord or the brain. Provided below is the brief detail about these steps:

  • Early Stages of treatment:  Initial steps involve immobilizing the patient using a neck collar and carrying board. This helps to prevent any further damage to the spine and related organs.
  • Stabilizing: This involves possible steps that can help patient’s ability to breathe properly, preventing any shock to the brain, immobilizing the neck to prevent any further possible damage to the spinal cord. Your spine specialist will also check for other complications which includes urine or stool retention, respiratory problem, breathing stabilization, cardiovascular difficulties or formation of clots in the veins.
  • Medications: Methylprednisolone gibe intravenously is one of the preferred medicine which is given for acute spinal cord injuries. However, off recently many side effects related to blood clots have been observed. Thus, it should only be used when the benefits outweigh the risks.
  • Immobilization: Stabilizing the spine is most important. Thus, in many cases to realign the spine a neck collar is used. Also in some cases special beds are used to keep the body especially in rest to let the body recover. The purpose of the special beds is to immobilize the patient.
  • Surgery: Surgery is sometimes required to remove any particles that are leading to suppression of the spine and thus also causing injury to the nerves. Thus, surgery is done to remove any sort of broken bone, any foreign object or herniated disc. Surgery is also done sometimes to stabilize the spine and prevent any severe pain due to the spinal injury.
  • Newer treatments: These include the latest treatments which include putting the body to hypothermia condition for 24-48 hours. These treatment helps in reducing inflammation.
  • Secondary treatments: After providing initial relief to the spinal cord and reducing or stopping any further damage,attention and care is given to control the secondary issues like bowel movement, respiratory or urinary problem, etc.
  • Rehabilitation: After the control stage, attention is paid towards the recovery of the patient which includes follow up medications, special diet with the help of dietician and a physiotherapist who can help the person come back to the normal routine.

All these medical services are provided by the top class spinal cord injury treatment centres in Delhi. Once you approach them with your problem, you will be asked to share your medical history which will be followed by a series of investigations to determine a suitable treatment line for you. The most important thing is NOT to ignore the initial symptoms and consult one of the best spine specialists in Delhi.

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