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Spine Tumour Treatment by the Cancer Experts in Delhi

Spine Tumour Treatment by the Cancer Experts in Delhi


02 Aug 2018

Spine Tumour is one of the most painful area for tumor development. The symptoms are also very difficult to catch hold off because the symptoms are similar to that faced during other commonspinal issues. The first step of Spine Treatment starts with the effective diagnosis. There are very effective and reliable centres for spine tumour treatment in Delhi. These centres have world class and globally trained oncologistswhoare adept in doing correct diagnosis of the tumour and various other related ailments for best and speedy recovery after the treatment.

The different types of spinal tumours include – bony tumours (similar to giant tumour cells), extradural tumours, intradural tumours, spinal metastasis, plasmacytoma and bone marrow cancer (multiple myeloma).Pain or other neurological problems due to pressing of nerves, weakness in the muscles or having loss of sensation (particularly in the legs),leading to difficulty in walking or also sometimes resulting in falls, loss of bladder or bowel function are some common symptoms of spinal tumours.

However, for the early diagnosis, it is important to discuss the symptoms and treatment plan with an expert. Some of the treatment options available for treating Spine Tumour include:


Not all the spine tumors require treatment but there are certain tumors that are located near the spine but are not increasing in size and are not growing in size and thus do not cause any potential disruption in regular body functions. So, the doctor might ask for regular MRI check and CT scan to keep a check at it.


Surgery is one of the primary ways of curing tumors. It is usually helpful when tumors are in the reach and the surgery does not pose a threat to the spinal cord or the nearby nerves. Removing the spinal tumours (both malignant and benign) plus spinal reconstruction,are majorly used ways of treating tumour through surgical intervention.

Latest advancements in surgery use high-powered microscope for surgery, which helps in distinguishing tumor and healthy tissues. In certain cases, high frequency sound waves are used to break the tumors and remove the fragments.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is used to remove the remnants of tumor left after the surgery. RT is also used to treat the tumors that cannot be reached through normal surgery.

Radiation therapy can be effective in eliminating the tumor cells with minimal damage to the healthy tissues. Radiation therapy uses some of the sophisticated newer instruments such as 3 D Conformal radiation therapy.


Chemotherapy includes the use of specialised, targeted drugs used to destroy the cancer cells or prevent them from regeneration. Doctor, after diagnosis can help to judge if chemotherapy would be an ideal technique for treatment.

Other Drugs

Treatment also includes the use of other drugs, which can help minimize the side effects of surgery/chemotherapy. This includes the use of corticosteroids, which helps to eliminate swelling because of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

The decision for spine tumour treatment in Delhi will benefit you in not one, but several ways including world-class medical treatment at affordable cost. Your line of treatment would depend on the type of tumour, location and also the judgement of the doctor. However, a single treatment option is rarely used. In most cases, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, or a combination of these treatment options are used for treatment and preventing relapse.

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