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The spine doctors in Delhi provide high quality and cost-effective treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis

The spine doctors in Delhi provide high quality and cost-effective treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis


06 Aug 2018

Spinal Stenosis is the narrowing of the spinal cord which puts pressure on the nerve roots. The major cause of this is osteoarthritis which results in removal of cartilages which causes the bone to rub against each other and can also result in over growth of the bone resulting into spinal stenosis. There could be various other reasons as well like herniated discs or congenital spinal stenosis.

The condition could be extremely painful and requires urgent medical attention. Lumbar spinal stenosis treatment in Delhi is preferred by people across the globe,owing to the expertise of spine specialists as well as the latest technology available here for treating most complex cases.

Spinal stenosis is diagnosed by initially examining the patient physically and enquiring about medical history. This is followed by some tests to find out the cause of your symptoms. Imaging investigations like X-rays, CT Scan and MRI scan are also performed to get a detailed picture of the condition of spine.

Some of the treatment options used for Spinal Stenosis include:

Exercise and body movement: Exercising for half an hour daily is one of the initial recommendation. The doctor might suggest some of the exercises that would help in increasing the lower body and abdominal muscle strength. One should immediately consult a doctor in case the condition gets worse.

Laminectomy: This is one of the surgical technique where in the surgeon makes the incision to approach the spine. The Doctor can make a single incision or multiple incisions in the lower portion. The incisions work to remove any ligaments or any bone particles that might be pressing the spinal nerves. Thus, this helps to improve the spaces for the spinal cord and the nerves surrounding it.

Discectomy: This is another form of surgery which is performed when a disc is pressing the spinal cord and the nerves. This involves a small surgery to remove the disc or part of the disc which is pressing the nerves.

Spinal Fusion: This involves the use of a metal substance or a hardware that helps to join two or more bones and helps to reduce the mobility of the bones. This may make the movement of the person very difficult after the procedure.

In certain procedures, spacers are also used which help to keep the bones apart, this prevent the joining of the bones.

Epidural Injections: Treatment through these injections employs the use of steroids that act as anti-inflammatory agents and also include a quick action local anaesthetic for temporary pain relief. Your spine doctor will guide a needle into the epidural space andonce the needle is in the right position, he will slowly inject the epidural steroid solution. This injection is known to significantly reduce the pain and swelling.

Medications: The condition is also treated using medications to reduce the pain, in most cases a surgery is also accompanied by these medicines. Medications include anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce the pain and inflammation. These include Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and medicines such as Aspirin, Naproxen, and Ibuprofen etc.

Apart from this analgesics like Acetaminophen are given to reduce the pain due to spinal stenosis.

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