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Tips for Keeping Your Discs And Spine Healthy

Tips for Keeping Your Discs And Spine Healthy


25 Jun 2018

Spine is the most important part of your body that provides you with the basic framework and support while carrying out all your daily activities. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep your spine healthy as this region is vulnerable to injury, degenerative disease, disk herniation and other conditions. Here are a few tips from spine and pain specialists in Delhi that you can follow to keep your vertebral discs and spine healthy:

  • Give rest to the spine: The spine needs to be put in resting position at all times, especially when you sleep. Because when you lie down, the spine relieves the pressure exerted on it all day long. Taking adequate sleep is essential as body needs it for repairing mechanism after the exertion it goes all through the day. Usingcorrect mattresses and pillows is also essential for giving a suitable alignment to the body while resting. It would be ideal to do some research or consult a specialist in spine treatment in Delhi if you have a pre-existing spine condition so that you get medically correct suggestion to take care of your spinal health.
  • Core Strengthening: The muscles adjacent to the spine are instrumental in relieving your spine from pressure and providing additional support. But due to a busy daily routine, most of these muscles remain underutilized leading to weakening of muscles. You need to strengthen your core muscles which include the hamstrings, abs, and other muscles using exercises that will help support the spine and maintain spine health.
  • Choosing the right footwear: Choose the correct footwear for yourself as good shoes help in supporting the lower back by keeping the spine in alignment. Tighter heel areas and proper heel fit helps over pronation and supination and unnecessary stress to this area.
  • Ergonomics: When you sit, the spine is subjected to 3 times more stress as compared to when you're standing. So always avoid prolonged sitting and take breaks in between. Also, avoid slouching as this stresses the lumbar discs further. Moreover, you need to choose the correct furniture that aligns the natural curves of the back. Ergonomic furniture is available all over these days.
  • Stay physically active: Remaining physically inactive may lead to increased risk of having lower back pain. So, make sure that you are not leading a sedentary lifestyle and engage yourself in activities that keep you moving. Regular exercising can also be of great help for keeping you fit. The best workouts for maintaining spine health include the ones that combine aerobic activity with stretching and strengthening.
  • Keep yourself hydrated:  Yes, this is equally important for your spine health as it will help in maintaining elasticity of soft tissues and also the fluidity in joints. Our spinal disc is quite susceptible to hydration loss and when this occurs it starts to lose height and shrink. Such a condition may result in painful disc conditions and create disturbance in your day to day life activities.

So, follow the above tips religiously to take care of your disc and spine health. These will help in significantly lowering the chances of having back pain and also maintain your overall health.

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