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Tips from Spine and Pain Specialists in Delhi can Help You Keep Your Back Healthy at Work

Tips from Spine and Pain Specialists in Delhi can Help You Keep Your Back Healthy at Work


30 Jul 2018

In today’s era of globalisation and advent of advanced and newer technology, people are getting involved in more and more of desk jobs. And this is really hazardous to health. In fact, based on the new researches, sitting for longer hours is as harmful for health as smoking is! Spine and pain specialists in Delhi say that if your work involves spending a major chunk of your day on computer or laptop and sitting in the chair, you are more prone to having back ache and other posture or spine related problems.

Back pain is found to be amongst the most common reasons for people taking off time from their jobs and seeking medical help to get relief from the pain. And when pain is prolonged and becomes more than just a short-lived discomfort, you would need to take an off from office to see your spine and pain specialist in Delhi.

Here are some tips to help you keep your back heathy at work and stay away from agonising backache:

Take small breaks periodically

Getting up frequently to stretch your body is always a good idea for letting your body have a little change of motion and position. While standing, try to reach out for the ceiling and then touch your toes.Repeat these few times. This stretching for a minute or two each hour will work wonders in protecting your back.

Ensure that your office environment is ergonomic

Ergonomics refers to the science of enhancing products for human use and comfort. And when it comes to an office environment, role of the application of ergonomics becomes all the more important. It involves everything – right from the height of your work station to the positioning of your computer monitor, keyboard and the landline phone.

Maintain a straight posture

Good posture is really imperative if your work demands sitting for prolonged hours. If you incline forward or are leaning back at your desk, then you are very likely to make your spine get misaligned. So, it is better to position your monitor at eye level andhelp your body in having an improved posture while sitting.Also keep remindingyourself to maintain a straight back!

Go for a walk when you are done with your work

Once you are done with a long day of working in your office, try not to straightaway head towards your home and get back to sitting position again.Since you have already been sitting for so many hours, it better to get going and let your body have some movement by walking for a while.

Make sure you invest in a back-friendly office chair

Since you are spending the major of your day sitting on your office chair, you should ensure that your chair is comfortable to sit and lets your back have correct sitting posture.The height of your office chair ought to be adjusted in a way that your feet remain flat on the floor or on the footrest, and also your thighs remain parallel to the floor.

The above practices suggested by the best spine and pain specialists in Delhi will certainly help you in preventing your back from getting injured or misaligned, while sitting all day long. These will also ensure that your back remains strong and protected while you are at work.

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