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Visit one of the renowned Spine treatment centres in South Delhi for high quality medical care at reasonable cost

Visit one of the renowned Spine treatment centres in South Delhi for high quality medical care at reasonable cost


09 Aug 2018

What are Spine Disorders?

Spinal disorder or disease simply refers to a condition that impairs the backbone. There are various reasons which can affect normal functioning of spine and associated nerves. These include - Spine injury due to some accident or an abnormal movement, Spinal Tumours, lumbar spinal stenosis or a Cervical Spondylolysis.

Spinal curvature disorders are mainly of three types, namely – Kyphosis (abnormally rounded back), Lordosis (inward curvature at the lower back), and Scoliosis (sideways curve, often S or C shaped).

Spine is one of the most important organs of the body and any affect to the spine can have a direct impact on the spine as well can indirectly impact many important body functions which include respiration, heart functioning, urinary function, etc. Spine treatment is a special branch and requires a team of doctors to work in coordination to bring back your spine’s normal function. Spine Treatment in South Delhi is specifically popular because of the spine institutes available here as well as the latest technology used for the treatment of most complex spinal disorders.

Treatment of Spinal Disorders

Diagnosis of the spinal problem: First of all, it is very important to know the exact reason for the spinal pain which can be done through medical history of the patient as well as performing series of tests like X-rays, CT Scan or an MRI.

Medications: In most of the cases medications like NSAIDs, Analgesics or Corticosteroids are able to provide relief to the patient from associated pain and inflammation. Some of the other medications include OTC pain killers, muscle relaxants, etc. In mild and moderate cases, these medications are able to provide relief and cure the problem.

Exercise and lifestyle changes: In certain cases, the pain is usually due to the lifestyle a person has adopted for years. Thus, a doctor or a physiotherapist might additionally suggest some change in the daily routine of the person which would help in preventing any associated pain.

It is also observed that people doing regular exercise or walk have lesser spinal issues. However, a person having a spinal issue should discuss it with a physiotherapist before starting any exercise.

Surgery: Surgery isusually performed in case there is an emergency situation or the above courses of treatment are not working. Surgery would require a proper diagnosis to identify the reason of spinal nerves getting compressed and based on the diagnosis, surgery is performed.

A Surgery helps to remove any cartilage, a herniated disc or any bonny particle which could be compressing the nerve to remove from the spaces. Nowadays, minimally invasive surgeries are available which use a very small incision and have a faster recovery time as well. The hospital stay too is shorter as compared to the conventional methods of surgery.

Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or a combination of these are also recommended in case tumor is diagnosed in the spine or near that area.

In most of the treatment, it is important to change the lifestyle, diet and follow regular exercise as directed by your spine specialist in Delhi.

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