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Nerve Root Block Or Pain Injections In Delhi

Nerve Root Block/ Pain Injections

Nerve Root Block Or Pain Injections In Delhi

What is nerve root block? What are indications for it?

Nerve root block is given for radicular pain/nerve root pain due to disc prolapse. It can also be given in lumbar canal stenosis if there is radicular pain. In lumbar canal stenosis if symptoms are neurogenic claudication epidural block may work better.

Are the effects of nerve root block temporary?

Nerve root block effects can be temporary in some while in some it may work for long duration also. It is however difficult to predict the pain relief in individuals. Nerve root blocks are more effective for disc prolapse rather than lumbar canal stenosis and spondylolisthesis.

Is it painful than normal injection?

No it is same as almost like a normal injection.

What are the medications given in injection?

Usually surgeon will give a mixture of steroid ( triamcinolone) and local anaesthetic.

Will there be a need to repeat the block?

If there is a good pain relief after first block ( more than 50 %) surgeon may repeat block after a couple of weeks if required.

Is there any harmful effect of steroid?

No. It is given locally near nerve root. It does not cause any systemic side effects as compared to systemic steroid taken orally or by injection.

Do you need to stay in hospital after injection?

It is a day care procedure and patient is discharged the same day.

Can I drive after the procedure on the same day?

No it is not advisable to drive the same da back home as the leg may feel numb for few hours after the procedure.

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