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MITLIF - Know How This Is The Most Suitable Surgery For Your Spine Problem

MITLIF - Know How This Is The Most Suitable Surgery For Your Spine Problem


28 Apr 2018

With the help of newest technology and most advanced treatment modalities, the spine doctors in Delhi are now able to treat the most complex spine problems with maximum success rate.

We all know that our spine is one of the most intricate body organs and any problem related to it may lead to difficulty in performing daily life activities. Therefore, spine related issues should not be ignored, say the top most doctors who are renowned names for spine treatment in Delhi.

Some back pains are simple enough to get relieved in few days to weeks’ time, while others are more intense and may take months to years.Decision to undergo spine surgery is usually taken after other treatment options have failed to provide you relief from serious back pain or other spinal problems. Your spine doctor in Delhi will educate you regarding your exact medical condition after evaluating you and will help in taking decision regarding the surgery.

Why undergo MITLIF surgery for yourspine problem?

Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (MITLIF) is a surgical intervention used for replacing degenerative discs and restoring the natural alignment of spine. This surgery is considered to be the best amongst various options for spine treatment in Delhi. It is known for significantly reducing pain as well as wear and tear by relieving nerve pressure and restoring the correct curvature of spine.

According to the experts of spine surgery, our spine is a delicate body organ and performing surgery on it requires highly skilled hands. And therefore, they recommend surgery only after all possible conservative methods of treatment have failed to provide you relief from pain.

There are numerous advantages of choosing MITLIF over traditional method of surgery through open back fusion. Read below to know how it is the most suitable surgery for your spine problem:

  • Disc degeneration may lead to severe stenosis, pain, arthritis and osteophytes. Unlike other treatment methods, MITLIF focuses on resolving the root cause of pain, rather than providing temporary relief from pain.
  • Where the traditional methods may just unpinch a pinched nerve, MITLIF would first take care of the issue that led to pinching of nerve and then go ahead to unpinch it. For example – it can successfully restore spinal alignment, disc space height and also strengthen a weak joint.
  • This surgical technique provides long term relief from pain by overall improving the spinal function.
  • This surgery successfully restores the spine alignment to its natural position and allows weight distribution in a proper manner.
  • You can quickly return to your normal daily activities as this surgery provides faster recovery and relief from pain.
  • As the spine is accessed in minimally invasive manner, there are smaller incisions, and less trauma caused to the surrounding tissues, unlike the traditional spinal surgery.
  • Blood loss is less and your stay in hospital will also be shorter.

Patient satisfaction and quality outcome of MITLIF surgery is much higher than that of traditional spinal surgery. Patients have reported significant positive change in the quality of their life after undergoing MITLIF surgery. They now have a more active and pain-free lifestyle.

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