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Understanding The Effect Of Scoliosis On Overall Health And Lifestyle

Understanding The Effect Of Scoliosis On Overall Health And Lifestyle


28 Apr 2018

Scoliosis, in simple terms, is a long-term medical condition in which the curve of spine is abnormally positioned. And according to scoliosis specialists in Delhi, this abnormal curvature of spine affects the development of muscles and ligaments associated with the spinal column. Because of this, the ribs and pelvis also twist and rotate to the side.

People seeking scoliosis treatment in Delhi often report the following symptoms that affect their overall health by imposing major lifestyle challenges on them:

  • The spine gets typically curved to one side and them back again or sometimes even in  shape, having two bowed-out areas balancing each other.
  • One shoulder would appear lower than the other.
  • Chest shape appears asymmetrical and the shoulder looks rounded.
  • Spine gets deeply curved inward or outward (sway back position).
  • One leg may appear shorter than the other.

There are some additional severe problems that may result if scoliosis remains unnoticed and untreated for a long time. These include the following –

  • Feeling of tingling or numbness in the legs.
  • Severe back pain that keeps getting worse.
  • Having breathing problems and also feeling tired all the time.
  • Prominent deformities that become a permanent problem.
  • Cardiac problems is also observed in some patients with untreated scoliosis.

Therefore, it is important to take it seriously and look for scoliosis treatment in Delhi at the right time.

The problem of scoliosis normally begins as early as childhood or adolescence and is considered to be lifelong. The symptoms of scoliosis become more and more noticeable with increasing age as the spine undergoes the general weakening process in adulthood, says one of the scoliosis specialist in Delhi.

Below are the daily life complications that a person having scoliosis faces:

  • uneven walking pattern is observed due to misalignment of the hips.
  • clothing gets poorly fitted.
  • daily life tasks like tying your shoes, sitting in chair, bending down, etc. gets difficult.
  • lifting things like household grocery or your bag during travelling may become a problem for you.
  • it largely affects the self-esteem of children in growing age, as they often become a target for teasing by their peer group.

All these issues become a strong reason for considering an early diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis. An early scoliosis treatment in Delhi may prevent one from suffering the above complications and save him or her from hassle of undergoing any major intervention.

Treatment Options for the problem of Scoliosis

There are certain factors that the scoliosis specialist in Delhi will consider before deciding treatment plan. These include –

  • Age and gender of the patient,
  • Severity of the spine’s curvature,
  • Positioning of the curvature,
  • Type of scoliosis whether it is idiopathic or degenerative or neuromuscular or else congenital scoliosis.
  • In girls, the onset of menstruation is also considered to be an important factor to rule out the chances of disease getting progressed. This is so because in girls menstruation is considered to be an indicator of the stage of bone growth.

After all these factors have been taken into consideration, your doctor will discuss with you the final line of treatment which may be one of the following options:

  • Back-strengthening exercises.
  • Back brace.
  • Surgical intervention.
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