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Injections for relief from spinal pain in delhi, Spine Pain Treatment In Delhi

Injections for relief from spinal pain

Injections are used as nonsurgical treatment option for relief from spine pain. Your doctor may advise this option after completion of a course of medications or physical therapy, but before considering surgery as a treatment option for spine related disease. Injections not only help in providing relief from pain but also in diagnosing/identifying the source of pain.

These injections are directly delivered at the location of pain and so they are more powerful than the oral medication. Some injections provide temporary pain relief, while others have long lasting effect.

Types of Injections used for Relief of Spine Pain

Let us understand in details about the various kinds of injections that are commonly used for relief of spine pain:

  • Epidural Steroid Injections – These are the most commonly used injections used for treating painful tissues in the cervical spine. Epidural injections are typically used for treating pain that originates from inflamed nerve root. The main purpose of all epidural injections is to administer a combination of steroid and local anaesthetics at the origin of problem so that inflammation that causes pain can be decreased and healing can be promoted.
  • Selective Nerve Root Block (SNRB)- This one is an injection of a small quantity of steroid and numbing medication that will help your doctor in determining the exact area where nerve root or roots are being affected. It is both diagnostic as well as therapeutic in nature as it helps in finding out the location of affected nerve and also provides relief in pain.
  • Facet Joint Block- Sometimes the facet joint itself is found to be the pain generator. For such cases, facet block injection is used to reduce the pain. These also act as diagnostic tool for confirming the source of pain. If the facet block procedure effectively reduces your pain then it can be done up to 3 times a year as there are very rare risks related to this procedure.
  • Facet Rhizotomy -  This injection is recommended when even after taking 3 shots of facet block injection, the relief is temporary. The main aim of facet rhizotomy is to provide pain relief by disabling the sensory nerve that goes to the facet joint. The pain signals that joints send to the brain are shut off and it provides relief that lasts for several months to years.
  • Sacroiliac Joint Block – The sacroiliac joint is located near the spine and is known to connect bottom of the spine with pelvis. SI block joint injection is known to be used for diagnosing or treating lower back pain or sciatica symptoms related to sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Benefits & Risks associated with injections for relief of spine pain


Spinal Injections have been known for decades as the first treatment option for short-term pain relief. They also improve the quality of life and mental health by providing quick relief. These injections are effective in pains that are radicular in nature, that is, radiating from spine towards the leg or arms and are usually a result of herniated or slipped disc in the spine.


There are few risks associated with the spinal injections. Some of them are – steroid flush, headache, bleeding, dizziness, excessive sweating, increase in blood glucose level, water retention and post-injection flare. So, it is advisable to discuss with your doctor regardingabove risks for your particular case before the treatment begins.

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