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Scoliosis Treatment In Delhi

Scoliosis Treatment In Delhi

Scoliosis Treatment In Delhi

What does scoliosis mean?

Scoliosis means lateral curvature of spine. If the cobb angle if more than 10 degrees it qualifies for being called scoliosis.

When should the scoliosis be operated?

If the cobb angle exceeds more than 45 degrees it is an indication for surgery. If the angle exceed more than 50 degrees scoliosis can progress gradually at a rate of 1 to 2 degrees even after skeletal maturity.

Is there any role of bracing in scoliosis?

Bracing is useful in immature patients( Risser<2) if the cobb angle is between 25 to 45 degrees.

Is scoliosis surgery a risky surgery?

Chance of neurological deficit in Scoliosis surgery is .1%( 1 in 1000). It has been further minimised now a days by the use of neuromonitoring.

How many days I am going to stay in hospital for my scoliosis surgery?

Usually the patient stays for 7 days in hospital. A day before surgery child gets admitted. He will be briefed about the procedure by a surgeon and some preanaesthetic work up will be done. Usually blood is not required for this surgery. It takes around four to five hours for surgeon to complete surgery.

Will I require implants for this surgery?

Implants in the form of screws and rods will be required for deformity correction.

Will my appearance improve after surgery?

Hump over the back should decrease significantly if not disappear after surgery. Shoulder imbalance might become better after surgery. Most of the patients are very happy and satisfied for the cosmetics after scoliosis surgery.

Will I be able to return to sports after surgery?

Yes all most all of the patients are able to return to sports 6 months after surgery. Only gymnastics might have difficulty in returning to sports after surgery.

Will surgery affect my range of motion of spine? Will it affect flexibility of my spine?

The part of the spine which is fused will not have any mobility. But only a part of spine is fused in scoliosis surgery. Rest all the spine will have normal motion. Most of the patients will not be able to notice any change in their range of motion of spine after surgery.

Will I need a blood transfusion during or after scoliosis surgery?

In most cases no blood transfusion is required.

What are growth sparing surgeries for scoliosis?

Growth sparing surgeries are required in patients who are young and are less than 10 years of age. Growing rods can be used in children. Multiple times distraction are required. Children are called at regular intervals of 3 to 6 months and growing rods are distracted. VEPTR is used in children with scoliosis with multiple rib anomalies.

Are there any new modalities in treatment for growth sparing surgeries ?

Magnetic controlled growing rods ( MAGEC)are used in treatment of growing rods. In this method distraction is done on an out patient basis rather than open conventional procedure.

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