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Treatment For Lumbar Canal Stenosis In Delhi

Lumbar spinal stenosis

Treatment For Lumbar Canal Stenosis In Delhi, Lumbar Canal Stenosis Treatment In Delhi

What is lumbar canal stenosis?

Lumbar canal stenosis means narrowing of spinal canal. It is a degenerative process which occurs due to ageing. Patient complains of pain in buttocks while walking. Gradually the walking capacity decreases and patients will have to sit after walking for short periods.

What is the treatment for lumbar canal stenosis?

Treatment is started with medications in the form of pregabalin or gabapentin. Some times nerve root blocks or epidural block is also given. Patients who do not respond to conservative treatment are advised for surgery.

What kind of surgery is done for lumbar canal stenosis?

Type of surgery depends on whether the patient has simply pain in legs and buttocks or if there is also a significant back pain. Dynamic X-rays can also assist in making a diagnosis. If there is any instability detected on X-rays fusion is also done along with decompression. Fusion means surgeon will need to put screws and cage in addition to decompressing the nerves. If there is no back pain and dynamic X-rays do not suggest any instability then decompression in the form of laminoforaminotomy may only suffice.

Are there any risks associated with surgery?

Surgery for lumbar canal stenosis is pretty safe surgery. Most common complication is dural tear. If dural tear is occurs during surgery, dura is repaired and patient is kept on bed rest for 3 days. Neurological complication after lumbar canal stenosis surgery is very rare.

When is the patient discharged after surgery?

If no fusion is done most patients are discharged next day after surgery. In case of fusion patients are mostly discharged after 2 days of surgery.

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